Joined mesh is partially not following armature

EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. I NOW UNDERSTAND WEIGHTS. Thanks K Horseman and Small Troll for bearing with a n00b.

Hellow hellow!

My first post here and I tried and I TRIED to find an answer to this one, but nothing came up so here I am.

I’m using Blender 2.68a and I can pretty much create an armature, pose libraries and heck, even animation. Blender is starting to look like great fun, but alas, I’m still at the learning curve. The blend file is there, so take a look if you’ve got an idea what my problem might be.

The mesh here originates from three objects: Body, head and hair. After I joined the objects into one - called Body - I can’t seem to get my mesh to follow the bones. Here’s the kicker, though: The parts of the mesh orginally in the Body object (I put the Eyes in there) seem to latch nicely with the bones, but the head and hair are causing grief. Occasionally I was able to make the head and hair follow the armature, but … It just keeps getting crooked.

The bones and the mesh are named correctly to correspond with each other. I even went as far as to remove the vertex groups that weren’t attached to any bones. Well… No help from that move.

Everything is weighted blue (zero) but that does not seem to be a problem.

Ssssoo… what’s my problem?


Body2013-6.blend (848 KB)

The WholeHead vertex group has no weight, so the WholeHead bone has no influence on the mesh. You need to give it some weight to get it to work.

that is your problem :wink:

As K Horseman says, but a little more info on weights

Blue as you are aware means zero influence, so even though you have a weight group there ,it will do nothing to affect your mesh.
red means full influence, so whereever the bone goes the mesh follows
yellow and green meanincrmentally less influence so if you have part of your mesh red, any that are not quite red, ie orange yellow or green will be moved less, which is ideal if you want to blend the influence between bones but really bad if it is supposed to be on one bone as the mesh will deform horribly and bits will be left behind.

The Blender n00b bows and expresses his gratefulness. You helped me to solve my problem AND to understand weight painting. Thank you.