Joined Objects Blending Together

Hello. I’m new to the forum, this is my first post. If anyone has some time, I would greatly appreciate some help.
I’m trying to join the shoe grommets to the shoe, but when I do, they lose their subdivision surface modifier and become octagonal as well as inherit the shoe mesh texture. I made the holes for the grommets in the shoe mesh using the Boolean modifier if that makes any difference.
Thank you for your time and your help!

Afaik you cant join and keep the modifiers. That is not possible, modifiers are adressed to an object. You could reassign the modifier / texture after joining them to a vertex group.

Subsurf doesn’t work off vertex groups :wink:

Ah you are right, i forget that, it would mess up the mesh at the group borders.
In theory it could work if the group selects only a standalone mesh withhin the object.

First thing : you might not need to join the objects at all. Is there a specific reason you want to do that ?

If you really need to, you’ll have to reassign the grommets’ material to them after the fact (enter edit mode, select faces, click “assign” from the material editor). However you may want to apply subdivisions before doing any of that, because as others have said, they’ll lose any modifier they had as soon as they’re joined to the shoe, and the shoe probably can’t support a subsurf since you mentioned you had cut the holes with boolean (the resulting geometry is usually unfit for subdivision). OR you could first fix your shoe topology, making sure the grommets’ holes fit well into the surface, and then joining the objects shouldn’t cause problems.

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Thank you all for your answers, I really appreciate it!

@Hadriscus, thank you for your ideas. So I would need to make the grommet holes built into the shoe topology rather than using a Boolean modifier to make the holes? That would allow joining the grommets to the shoe to work?

By the way, the reason I’m joining the objects is because it’s part of a character that I’m trying to rig with BlenRig 5 and as far as I understand to rig a character you need to join all the parts together first.

Thanks again.

The premise is incorrect, you don’t need to join objects at all ! Most of the times character rigs are comprised of several independent objects, which allows to set different modifiers on different parts of them. You’ll just have to have an armature modifier on every one of the objects.

The thing I was saying about the shoe is that it needs to have clean topology if you are going to subdivide it (=subdivision surface modifier).

Thank you very much @Hadriscus!