Joined parts not moving along with rig

Hi, hope everybody’s doing well during this quarantine. Hoping somebody can help me with my issue
I made the eyes separately from the rest of the body and joined them together, but when I move the rig, the eyes get left behind. Any way I can get this to work properly? Thanks in advance.

Parent the eyes to the bone that moves the head.

Thanks for responding, sorry but I’m still new to rigs. How do I do this when the eyes aren’t selectable from the armature’s edit mode?

Select the armature, go to pose mode.
Select the eyes from the outliner
In the 3d view, shift select the head bone (or whatever bone you want to parent to)
Control p, then select “bone” in the pop up.

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My god this really helped. Sorry for replying so late, thank you!

Glad I could help.

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