Joining 2 vertexes?

How can I join 2 vertexes to make only 1?

Align the verts and then in the edit window, F9, press the remove doubles button.



Or use the brand new feature [Alt]+[M] (only 2.27).

It’s possible to snap to a vertex whem you grab, scale or rotate your vertices? I only know the snap to grid configuration… Like this, the only way I know to get coincident vertices in blender is to scale down some vertices to a single midpoint… that way, the remove doubles will be effective mainly for near coincident vertices at a given tolerance distance, isn’t it?

Lets say you’ve got a vertex and you want another one to become coincident with it. You’d select that vertex and then hit Shift + S like normal, only chose “CURSOR -> SEL” and the 3D cursor will snap to that vertex. Then you can select the one you want to move and hit Shift + S and chose “SEL -> CURSOR” Now…I don’t think this works DURING a grab operation…I haven’t tried it. But you can move a vertex this way. Give it a shot during a rotation, scale, and transform and tell me what your results are. Good luck!

Select both, Specials (W), Merge.

Thanks for your reply…
Desoto-111, I just tried to hit shift+S during scale, grabe and rotate operations, but the result was to scale the object… Unfortunately it don’t works in this type of operation, but thanks to you for the tip!

Glad to be of assistance…it is a bit irritating that you’re only given tenths as precision during the snapping of objects. Hold shift and control only results in mayhem for me…anyone else notice this?