joining a complex object to a simple object smoothly?

Hi there first time poster, but have been using Blender for the past few weeks, but have a long history in 3ds Max.

Just a quick question hopefully…

I want to attach this semi detailed ear to this simple head. Anyone got any tips on how to do this without making the main head piece have creases?

Thanks in advance


Well I don’t know exactly how you should go about this, but in any case put the creases behind the ear where they belong. You can hide those vertices with 6 or more connections there and no one will see them. Also, they won’t give you any problems while animating. If you’re trying to practice a making a clean topology though, you’ll have to try something else…

Also, I just notices the tri that has the lamp in it is connected to a whole bunch of other tris to its left. That doesn’t make sense. If you make it a quad, you will have more vertices to work with to attach all those lines from the ear to.

Crouch has made a script to smooth out and average a list of vertices

so i might help you smooth out connection lines may be

but don’t know if you know how to use script in blender

hope this helps

i can provide the link if you need to test this script

happy blendering

Good topology is what you’ll need.
Here’s a great tutorial.