Joining a cone to a plane (or face)

Trying to recreate this:

(nNever mind the screw holes). Whats the best way to mate the plate with that shallow cone?

Do you mean you want to create the cone shaped hole in a plane ?

Have a look on YouTube for Con K (can remember his surname) hardsurface tutorials.

Basically, use loop tools to crate a circle and then just use proportional editing to dent the surface. For the smaller speaker driver in the middle, use the same technique of the loop tools circle, and then extrude as needed

Thanks. I think I nailed that simply by subdividing the plane with just the right number, cutting out the center portion, and doing a join-edge-loops.

Follow up question: how do I do the funky circle which is not really a circle shape of the mid-bass driver’s frame (the outermost shape):