Joining coplanar points

Imagine I have a plane, with 4 vertices. Now imagine the plane is not there - how do I take the 4 points and have a surface appear between them?? I do NOT want to click each of the points in turn or anything (or at All!), I just want to tell Blender - “take all the points that are coplanar, starting with this one right here, and make a surface beween 'em” - how do I do that?

you need a script to do that to tell blender what to do

otherwise blender cannot read your mind LOL

happy bl

there’s no GUI way to do this in the software, without -scripting-?

Don’t know if this is gonna help, but: Select > Select Similar > Normal or Shift G > Normal may do what you want and then f for make face or Face > Fill or Face > Grid Fill. You have to play with the Adjust Last Operation panel settings to specify how similar you want the normals with the Select Similar operation.

Hey thanks, that didn’t work, but selecting one of the edges, then Select -> Select Similar -> Length did the trick (to SELECT, that is). But I still can’t make the face in the middle, doing what you said.
What I actually -have- is a cylinder, which is a building, and I want to make the surface for each of the floors it’ll have. When I do that “Select -> Select Similar -> Length” stuff, each of the “floor” edges, right around the circumference, get selected, but - ALL of them, for all floors of the building! I have a feeling that if I could select the edges for just one “floor”, ie. at one HEIGHT, I’d be able to connect 'em… Any ideas?

No, not really but if they are connected you can select an edge ring (CTRL ALT ) or an edge loop (ALT ) and if you want to select a string of them you can select the first one, hold CTRL and select the last one. Also you can have a look at this see if there is anything that helps.
or just explore the selection menu. One floor of the cylinder would be an edge loop.