Joining curves and morphing them…

Hi !

I have a rather complicated shape to model, and i use curves.

I have in fact 4 curves describing the profile of a plate, one for each 90° sector. (ie one at noon, one at 3pm , one at 6pm and one at 9 pm).
They are all different in shape but they all have the same number of handles and same resolution.

See picture below…

Now i have to join them and complete my plate
How would you proceed ?
I need to “morph” the shapes into one another…

If you’re going to convert it to a mesh then I would just edge slide the verts that are close to one another along the crossing point and remove one of the verts you placed on top of another then reconnect your curves.

I can try to explain again if that didn’t make sense, assuming I understood your question.