Joining halves of a sort-of symmetrical thing

Hi everybody:

I’ve got a sloppy mesh (not snapped to grid, or even to symmetry plane), and I’ve got the symmetrical side as well, but the two are not joined in any way. The points aren’t even touching. I tried going through each one at a time and clicking “merge”, but it was creating a strange black line down the middle… Why? Also, is there a faster way?

Another question: I know you can snap to grid by holding ctrl, but is it possible to snap to points and edges as well? What if I want to move a point so that it’s right on top of another?

Thanks for your help!


The black line is due to normals flipped. Select all A key, then ctrl-n to recalculate normals outside.

To get one vertex in the same location as another, select the first vert, then shift-s cursor to selection. Next select the vert you want to move, then shift-s selection to cursor. After, be sure to remove doubles.

Best of Luck!!