Joining IKA armature help

if anyone can help me here i will have tons of thnx. Here’s the question: when i was putting bones in my newest creation i accidently made each arm/leg a different object since they were copied in object mode. this means when animating to switch to moving a different limb i’d have to go out of pose mode and into object mode then select the different armature and go back into pose mode (whew!). so i thought, well maybe if i join all of the armatures together into one object then it will work. anyway, when i do this the forward animation works fine but the ika bones don’t work at all except on one of the legs, probably the first one i selected. What do i do here? must i start all over with rigging or is there some quick fix for this? plz tell!

I’m pretty sure it’s because when you join then, the constraints didn’t get updated, check if the constraint is pointing to the right armature.

thanks so much Gabio! i’ll try that!