joining mesh

i modeled a vase, cut it to add textures and want to rejoin. doc says SHIFT/RMB to select multiple parts… doesn’t work…

how do i select multiple objects?

It’s Shift+RMB, what version of blender are you using?


and yes… in the SCENE panel,. hold down the SHIFT key and press the right mouse button… i understand.

it does not work.


This is selecting the objects only (…in the 3D-Window). After you have selected them use ctrl-“j” for joining them.

If you have set up Blender to use LMB for selecting objects you have to use the LMB of course.
Or you may use the circle select tool by using the “c”-key, select your objects and press enter to stop circle select-mode. Then do a ctrl-“j”

OK… got it…in the 3D window… in OBJECT mode… the little details count…

thanks a lot.

the little details count…
Yes. For future questions remember the details count. Be as clear as possible, don’t assume everyone can read your mind , screenshots, blend files are a huge help for people to give you answers without going round in circles