Joining meshes and shrinkwrapping

I have a tapered cylindrical mesh to which I need to join another mesh which has a flat bottom e.g.cube. I reckon shrinkwrapping is the way to go. Anyone out there have specific info on how to get a neat join while maintaining the overall shape of the cubelike mesh. Anyone know of any tutorials dealing with this?


Anyone out there have specific info on how to get a neat join
Not without a specific problem to begin with. Your question is too vague. Screenshots of what you have and what you exactly want to achieve ? blend file ?

I’ve got the mesh of the cylinder but not the other component yet. As I say it will flat bottomed like a cube. Maybe I should draw the bottom to the contours of the cylinder?? It would be nicer to have Blender match them though. The mesh is enclosed


CylinderMesh.blend (604 KB)

I’ve read your posts, I’ve looked at your mesh, and I still can’t figure out what it is you want to do. You’ll have to be clearer than that. Shrinkwrapping will just project the vertices of one mesh onto another, so I don’t think that’s what you actually want… And to join two meshes into a single object you just Ctrl-J.

My apologies for not being clear enough. Essentially what I need to do is to to add a flat bottomed mesh e.g. cube to a cylindrical mesh which of course has a curved surface. I’ wondering if Blender has someway of reconstructing the bottom vertices of the cube to take the shape of the cylinder. I know about the Join. I’ve used shrinkwrap but only with 2 dimensional mesh (plane). Can it be used on a 3d mesh to achieve what I’m after?

You mean like this?
CylinderMesh2.blend (647 KB)
If so, the shrinkwrap modifier is not a very good choice. If you want to match a shape you already have, the best option is usually to duplicate the part of the mesh where it touches, flip the normals and model the rest by extruding from that piece you have. I’m still very unclear on what you want to do. A picture/drawing would be very helpful.

Thats what I need OK. Can you explain how to do it or point me to a tutorial that deals with it.

But I just explained it… As for tutorials, I believe this technique was used several times in Creature Factory. If you need your tutorials free, I’m sure it came up somewhere on Blender Guru, but I don’t remember where exactly.

I made a really quick tutorial here. Hope it helps.

Sorry again but your initial explanation was a little advanced for me. I’m new to this stuff. I’ll have a look at the tutorial. Thanks.