Joining meshes - eye ball to head help?


i am trying to connect this eyeball that i have modelled to a head mesh that im going to model.

what is the best way to go about this please?


What kind of a head will that be? If it’s a human head, you won’t need the stuff that covers the eyeball, that should be part of the head mesh.

I would usually recommend to parent the meshes, so they keep individual. Select the eyeball, then shift select the head mesh and press CTRL-P.

I you want to join them, press CTRL-J instead.


thanks for the reply - this is actually going to be a non human character.

Once i join the meshes using crtl-J how do i actually join the points/polygons of the two meshes?


Select two and press F to create an edge, same procedure to create faces (3 or 4 connected vertices then).

Be sure to have no faces inside the mesh, think of the mesh as the skin of your object.