joining meshes UV ambient occlusion

Hi guys!

My question:

When i unwrap my character, which i have divided by seams, (clothes, arms, legs…etc.) it unwraps fine and they all end up nicely in the gray square.

However when i join all the meshes in object mode and go into edit mode the gray square turns blue (adding a new image does not help) and when i try to bake the ambient occlusion it fails in one of two ways. (i tried shifting between raytrace and approximate)

  1. it either starts baking fine but then halfway a gray triangle starts to cover everything.
  2. not all the unwrapped parts get baked, they are missing.


If I had to guess, I would say that it would be because there are some yet to be unwrapped polys in your completed model, or the UV maps have different names.

Thanks a lot Krisnack, you were absolutely right about the unwrapped polys, i forgot my characters teeth. Hidden in the mouth of course.
I owe you one!

Glad things turned out alright, I’ve found that non-unwrapped UVs can cause no small amount of trouble.