Joining Meshes with darkened effects

Idk what happened, what buttons i pressed by accident, but every time i join meshes some of the meshes that get joined darken/shaded. This has happened to me before, but it was so long ago i forgot how to make it stop Lol! Heres a pic to see what i mean:

In this one everything is shaded. Ik i can go to edit mode and press Cntrl+N and it gets rid of the shading, but it seems like a setting or something is set and if thats the case i wanna reset it so it stops doing that, its kinda pain in the behind to go the edit mode and do it everytime. It started doing this about 2 weeks ago and enough is just enough.

I’m not sure why this would be happening all the time for you, but it is a risk with joining meshes that the normals get messed up and you have to ‘recalculate outside’. Don’t think there’s any setting that would stop that happening but I could be wrong…

Well actually now that i think about it, it happens very often and not particularly all the time. Most models so it and some dont. Even with very new meshes i add it does this. Its never happened until a week or 2 ago. Even in a new Blender File it does this. I did however install the latest version of Blender. Maybe its a new thing? i used 2.69 until a week or 2 ago.

Update: With researching i found out that everytime you add a mesh, Double Sided is supposed to be checked by default but mine is always unchecked, Still trying to find out how to make it defualt

“Still trying to find out how to make it default” -

Open New file, change any of options and save Startup File -> Ctrl-U.