Joining meshes with differing textures.

There are different textures on the arms, legs and body.
same picture just one is flat etc.
when i joined the meshes with ctrl J
it lost the differing textures.
i can parent them i guess but can i join them?
i hope to move the whole lamp, rotate etc.


Yeah, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. When you join the meshes into a single mesh, Blender applies the texture to the whole mesh, so you get that spreading out effect. You can use the Map Input Size x, y and z parameters to shrink the texture, but you’ll loose the directionality of the texture that you had when the parts were separate objects.

You can unwrap the mesh and put the texture on however you want it using the UV image editor and UV Face Select mode, but try the size parameter first, it might be all you need.

tried the sizing before i posted.
I hate UV mapping with a passion.
mostly cos i am no good at it!

My sympathy. I felt the same way. However, your project is actually a good one to start learning the ins and outs of UV mapping. Make seams along the joins in the former separate objects, then when you unwrap, you’ll have four separate UV meshes. Bring your red and yellow image into the Image Editor, and just use Lkey to highlight the UV meshes separately. Rkey to rotate and Gkey to grab and move, place them lined up along the ‘grain’ of the image. You can even leave them on top of each other and it will still work.
Give it a try.

Being chicken &/or lazy i just parented them all together.
"You can even leave them on top of each other and it will still work. "
please explain what you mean.
do i join all the meshes before or after i uv map them?