Joining meshes

I’ve created a symmetrical object, then mirrored it to get the entire thing.

Question - how do I now join these two meshes into one without doing it one vertice at a time? Both meshes are part of the same object, but I want them to now be the one mesh.


2 ways -

  1. in edit mode, you could have used shift - d to duplicate the vertices, then mirrored, a key to select all, then w key to remove doubles.

  2. since you already have 2 meshes, select one, then the other, then ctrl-j to join. Then go into edit mode, select all, and remove doubles (w-key)

Best of luck!

I did that, but you need to line up the vertices exactly for remove doubles to join them.

I figured out two different methods that seemed to work:

  1. Two meshes in the one object separated by half a fly’s fart, then select one vertice from each mesh, find out what the median x (or y/z) value is, then loop select each edge in turn and type in that value…remove doubles.

  2. Two separate objects - set the centre of each object to corresponding corners, snap object to selected, Ctrl-J for join then remove doubles.

Both seemed to work - thanks for your response though :slight_smile: