Joining multipule vertex

I have generated 256 squares for my terrain mesh now and want to join them all together. I was wondering if there is a way to select a line of vertex and have them weld together without combining to one point.

err… Like 500 vertex on one mesh need to weld to the 500 on the other but not to one point.

Also, once the mesh vertex are aligned, I need to seperate them and ofset the vertex by a fraction of an inch.

I can do it one at a time if I have to but hoping I don’t.



In the Scripts menu, under Mesh, Skin 2 Verts Loft Multiple.


You could also select the edges you want welded together, press s to enter resize mode, then press X, Y, or Z, depending on the orientation of the objects to resize along the X, Y, or Z axis, and resize it to 0. Then press W, Remove Doubles.

Thank you guys!

I apperciate the help