Joining object before append?

Say you have an object in file A that you want in file B. So far the only way I have found for this is to append the object into file B. But when the object consists of a large number of pieces, or has bones or other stuff related to it, I can not seem to append these as a whole - I have to append them all separately, which is annoying. A similar problem comes up when moving objects consisting of multiple parts, but there it can be solved by giving them a common parent.

For the importing problem I resort to joining the objects together when possible. This has some problems though…

  • It becomes more of a chore to move parts separately, not really a big deal.
  • It does not seem possible to have parts of an object subsurfed, but not other parts, this is annoying but can be solved by coverting a subsurfed mesh to a more detailed mesh.
  • You can not join meshes and bones (obviously), so bones will always have to be imported separately, losing the parent relationship.

I am hoping that I’ve missed some features that solve some of these. Any remarks on what I am doing wrong are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

When you append more than 1 item it’s called a Library. So you get to the “Objects” library and Shft-RMB-select the objects you want to append (you can drag up or down too) and then, when all the entries are blue hit “Load Library” at the top (or Enter).


Hey, it works! Thank you :stuck_out_tongue: