Joining object, preserving textures

I’ve got a nurbs patch I’m using to represent a leaf. I’ve got a texture (with alpha) to make it look nice.
I’d like to make a compond leaf (say, two leafs with the same base but different orientations) and be able to treat it as a single object.
So I dupilcate the original object, rotate them, and then, with both selected, do a ctrl-j. Now when it’s rendered, the texture coordinates are all messed up and it doesn’t look right.

Is there some way to make a compound object with several textures (or instances of a texture? How can I make this work?


Well you could assign a material group to each leaf set. Or parent one leaf to the other so it remains seperate, but you can move them together.
There is a way I’m sure to get the textures working the way you intend…but I can never remember which button does what - I just click around until it works.