Joining objects

Not sure if this should be in the materials section?

If I have a fuselage of an aircraft and would like to join the wings to it but want to keep each objects material intact, what is the procedure please?

Just have them both selected and try CTRL+J, this keeps the materials for me, after you’ve done this you can always assign faces to materials or change the materials.

Thanks, I have been getting different results depending on which object is selected first, I think this is what confused me.

I have just tried it again and have had some different results; I’ll have to work out the sequence or what’s going on.

The 2.6 series makes it a lot easier to see what material is what after merging two different ones. And remember, you can always selt one vert or face of an object with a material, then shift - G, “material” to select all faces or verts sharing the same material. To separate, press “p” in edit mode, “by selected”.

Cheers 3d, I am still having major issues with it.
I have a couple of objects that end up taking the others material regardless of sequence when ctrl j is used, perhaps it has something to do with the objects being imported in obj format.

I will try your suggestions.