joining parts

I’m a newbie and I’m trying to do the winter scene. When I try to join the nose to the snowman it doesn’t want to attach, I’ve tried in both edit and object mode. I’ve selected the snowman body, clicked on ctrl+j, when I go into front view the nose is of to the right. Is the way it is suppose to be? Am I missing something in the tuturiol?
Blender will be a blast once I get some of this things down.
Thanks Scott

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You have to be in Object mode, not edit mode, for sure. Right click on the first object, then hold down shift and right-click on the other object you want to join. Then press Ctrl-J, and click or press enter to confirm.

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It takes a little time to get used to Blender’s interface. If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look through the Blender Hotkey Reference and make a note of keys you think you’ll find handy, and when they’re applicable.

Good luck.

Here is the man on the winter scene nose.
Step 4 - Now, let’s create his face. Stay in the front view, press the space bar and choose Add > Mesh > Cone. Switch to the side view (3 on numpad). The cone is going to be the nose and, as you can see, it’s much too big. Deselect all the points by pressing the A key. Then select only the points on the right (the base of the cone). Press the S key and decrease the size of the base of the cone. Switch to the object mode (Tab), and press the S key to decrease the size of the “nose” of the snowman. Then place the nose (G) onto the face of the snowman.
I understand the instructions, the problems when in Object mode I’m having trouble selecting the nose only. I’ve tried b and right clicking,also the samething happens with s to resize the nose. I can do all the above ok in Edit mode. It appears that the head and body have joined ok although I didn’t get a confirm.
This is going to be a great program once I get some of these issue resolved.
Thanks Scott

I don’t mean to be a pain.
I went to front mode, then placed the nose in edit mode then joined in object mode. It seems to work. Things seem to stay put when shift views.
Thanks again Scott

Yeah, I think one of the hardest things to get used to in 3D is moving around. In 2D art, your “canvas” as it were is stationary. In 3D you’re constantly grabbing things and moving them about, rotating and scaling the view, etc. The more you do the easier it is…