joining plural NURBS-curve-objects?

does anyone know how to connect or rather fill independent surface nurbs curve objects with surfaces?

I found a blender model where it seems to be possible joining separate nurbs curves to a single wire frame

but unfortunately the responsible member of that thread isn’t available anymore since last year so that I can’t ask him personally how he did it.

My problem is I don’t know how to join separate nurbs objects to a group or so in order to combine them and create surfaces. When I add plural nurbs curve objects and then convert them to meshes it still isn’t possible to generate surfaces between them.

The only technique that works for me is extruding one single surface nurbs curve, but I find that’s too difficult and becomes too messy to create a whole complex wire frame from it.

So is anyone around experienced in modelling with nurbs curves?

It’s only possible with Surface NURBS.


do you mean its possible only with surface->nurbs->surface, or with all kinds of surface->nurbs?

All kinds of Surface NURBS. Select them all and Ctrl-J them, Tab into edit mode, A to select all and F to Skin them. One limitation is that all Curves MUST have the identical number of CV’s (control vertices).