Joining segments in VSE

Ok, so I’m editing a movie with Blender, and so far it’s working out fantastically, but I’ve run into a slight hitch. Say I have two clips placed next to each other, but then trimmed one down to improve the pacing or for whatever reason (sounds kinda convoluted, so I attached a pic). Is there an easy way to fill that gap up besides just selecting all the clips to the right of the gap and dragging them over? I mean, I’m pretty sure there must be, but I haven’t been able to locate it.

Thanks, and I apologize profusely if this query has been posted in the incorrect forum.


if you want to butt splice them, then yes you have to drag them so they butt up against one another. You cannot “cut out time” in the VSE. Once butted, you can then make them a single meta strip.

Bummer. Thanks though!

In 2.5 there is now a select to the left or select to the right. So that you can move everything from that side without zooming out. Snap to the left of your hole, then select to the right and try snapping everything to the cursor. The drawback is that maybe ALL of the strips to the righ will move to the same spot.

May be a good place for a script that will select all to the right make a meta strip of it, move it across (snap to cursor) then UN meta the strips again. All as a key stroke.