Joining Subdivided Faces (Removing Dividing Edges)

Let’s say I have a cube which has been subdivided once, but I want one of the faces to not have a division. There is only a single dividing edge across the center of the face. How could I remove this edge and make the face not be subdivided, but leave the rest of the cube unchanged since the subdivision?

Subdivided Face:

|      |      |
|      |      |
|      |      |

Desired Result:

|             |
|             |
|             |

you could just make a new cube:eyebrowlift2:

I’m still pretty new to this as well but if I’m wrong someone will correct me. Since ever side of the cube is connected and every side is subdived, every side attached to the one side you want to join, that means that technically you will have 8 sides along that square. But you want to have only 4, so thats means that you would have to be joining 4 sides to 8 which is impossible (need less to say). The only way I could see of doing this would be to have your subdivided cube with the one side you want as a whole as a seperate object and then parent them together. Although a question before you try this. Why do you need it as a whole? Or why can’t you just leave it subdivided?

The cube is only an example. What I’m trying to do involves a complex object, which I used loop subdivide on. I wanted ten divisions along its X axis, six along its Y axis, and zero along its Z. Unfortunately, a side-effect to using subdivide in such a way is that I get ten on all three axes, and I need to turn a 1.0u tall face (with ten divisions and no internal vertices) into a 0.05u tall face. The number of divisions required doesn’t matter, but it seems horribly inefficient to bring the ten divisions and the top edge down one by one.

Is it even possible to do something like this?

You can delete edge loops. I think this is what you want:

Select a loop by getting every vert in that “loop” and then click x and choose delete loop works all the time… but its easier to just select loop cut and make loops instead of subdivide… subdivide usually makes bricky meshes.

Select a loop by getting every vert in that “loop”

Alt-RMB on an edge in the loop to select the whole loop at once.

Deleting the loop removes the faces between the vertices next to the loop. I want to remove the edges, but instead of deleting the faces, they need to be merged into one face that connects between the vertices remaining around the deleted edges. Is this possible?

As an alternative, is it possible to draw new edges connecting existing vertices?

EDIT: Nevermind, deleting the entire edge loop under vertex mode works. Thank you!

Select the faces you want to join and press Alt+J to join them. :yes:

what alt j dosent do anything. this is how i do it, select the 2 face and press f + make FGon