Joining two objects

I’m new to blender and am working on my first character. I created the head and want to use the body of a character that I had already created from a tutorial. I somehow managed to do the mirror for the head on the opposite side to the mirror of the body so now when I try to join them up the point on the body joins to the point on the opposite side of the head. Is there a way around this other than redoing either the head or body?

If you mean joining the 2 objects so you can have them both editable in Edit Mode, in Object Mode select both and press CTRL+J (or click on Object -> Join)

Then in edit mode, trying to merge vertices to get them truly as a single mesh (if that’s your goal).

Or without CTRL+J , apply your mirror (or i’m not sure it will work), recalculate the normal for both object in edit mode with CTRL+N or Mesh -> Normals -> Recalculate Outside (or it will create unwanted result in the end).
Then in object mode select one object and add a Boolean modifier in the “object” case select the other object name and set it to “union”, then Apply but be warned it may create lots of additional vertices, and the object you added in the “object” case always exist alone (and will have to be deleted)

Thanks Robsoie, got it sorted:-)