Joining vertices and planes

Hello everybody,

I have two questions that are kind of related.

Say I have two cyliners, and I want to join them inot one piece instead of just moving them close to each other…is there a way to connect the vertices? the same with a plane, can I join the vertices of a plane to another plane, somewhat like sewing them together?

Also, I made a model of a spaceship and I’ve tried to add the skin from a picture for the paintjob, how do I size it around cylindrical objects and such. The tutorials are good, but nothing explains this.

Thanks for the assistance ahead of time if anybody can help.:eyebrowlift:

You can join two objects by selecting both objects and hitting “control J” from there you can edit your vertexes and remove doubles/merge/etc. As for the other, just search for “decal in Blender” and you should find a lot of tutorials on the subject. There are quite a few different ways of doing it, from UV mapping to parenting it’s position to an empty, and everyone seems to have their own preference.

Actually, Marcion, the question might actually be referring to so-called boolean modifiers.

When you “join” two meshes, you simply ask Blender to treat them as one “object.” That doesn’t actually change the geometry.

If you want to attach the meshes, create bevels and so-forth, that takes a little more work.

Yes, this is actually what I’m referring to…especially if you have somewhat different shapes in your objects that you’re joining, but you want to make a bridge between the shapes of those objects and have them joined.

Unfortunately there is no easy way. Booleans are not the magic bullet. For them to work right you have to have things lined up very carefully. The very best options are to learn how to work in edit mode at the vertex level and patch things by hand using the various interface tools along with merge, create/delete and so on. Booleans can be an aid to this process provided you learn how to use them in such a way as to take advantage of them rather than just make a mess of everything.

Have a look here: