Joining vertices in edit mode

Hey Blender folks

I’ve recently modelled some clothing and when I apply it to my human character and add the cloth simulator, it falls apart at the seams. Pinning doesn’t work as they stay in place in the scene (my human is walking).
You know how you can select all the vertices in edit mode by hitting L? Is there a way to join all the vertices so when L it pressed, it’ll either join selected vertices or even all the vertices?
I have no idea if this will solve my problem, but I’m hoping so (and it doesn’t hurt to try).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The reason I post this under Particles & Simulations is I’m hoping for the possibility that if this whole joining vertices thing doesn’t work, somebody might have an idea on how I can “sew” the seams together.

If your vertices share the same location, you just use <shift>+<w> and select “remove doubles” this will weld all those vertices.

And if you use pinning, no problem either, you can parent your cloth to any moving object, it will move along.
You can also make your character an collision object, then the cloth has no chance but to move with your char, what should be the goal I guess to have realistic moving cloth :wink:


I think my main problem is when I set pinning and my character has to turn, the area I’ve set to pin doesn’t rotate at all, stays perfectly in place (which I guess is the point).
Any ideas?

well for joining verts the short ket\y is <alt> <m> and then select something. and a pin isn’t designed to move, just to pin, so maybe mousekeys to move the pinning vertex group could help…

if the clothing is a seperate object, you can parent it to another mesh, with <control><p>, and then select ‘to object’

Thanks for the help, problem is solved