Joining verticies

(Skanime) #1

How do you join 2+ verticies into a single vertex?

(shibbydude) #2

Scale the two together as small as you can. Then, with both still selected hit w and then remove doubles.

(theeth) #3

Shift + S, 4, Shuft + S, 2, W, 4


(Skanime) #4

I push W and all it get is subdivide and switch direction.

(Eric) #5

You’re not modelling with polygons. Just select one vertice and delete it and the curve will remain without that single vertice.

(Skanime) #6

But I want the curve to be an entire circle, without any break. It there is a break, the render looks stupid cuase there’s a big open spot all the wat along the cave wall.

(ilac) #7

press ‘c’

(Skanime) #8

Damn, I amde a lot of typos. Thanks the c key was what I was looking for.

(ilac) #9

No problem! :smiley:

Btw., ‘c’ stands for Close!

To join two points to form a curve press ‘f’. ‘c’ only works for the last segment hence ‘close’. I think ‘f’ stands for ‘face’ from the mesh editing aspect of blender where you can use it to create edges and faces.

(Skanime) #10

I made typos talking about my typos.