Joining View

In Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 I have clicked and dragged on the the object in the corner to split the view. How do I join view?

Just do the opposite, drag the corner from one window into another, an arrow will appear to show which window will be disappear

I thought I already did that but thanks.

The trick is, you can only do this starting from the bottom of two windows or from the left window. And you can only do it with two windows in one rectangular space, so you can’t merge one big window with two smaller windows (merging three windows doesn’t work).

So, mouse over the upper right corner of a bottom or left window, until the corner turns into a white plus + sign, then you click and drag up/down or left/right until you see an overlay arrow pointing in the direction the window should be expanded. To change direction of the arrow, you have to first drag to the window above or right, before you can move the arrow back down or left.

You can’t start from the top of two windows or from the right side window because you will split instead of joining.

In the attached pic below, I started from the upper right corner of the lower window “Right Persp” then dragged the corner up to the “Top Persp” window.