Joint Bending Help Needed

This skeletal mesh, specifically the fingers, lags behind the posing of its armature. If the last bone in a finger chain (IK_fingerXY) is moved, the bone does not remain centered in the mesh.

The finger mesh behaves as if it were parented to two bones, instead of one. How can a section of mesh have two parents if it always follows the movement of the similarly-named bone?

The .blend file can be accessed via

I have fixed the permission problems which prevented others from accessing the .blend file.

Some of your vertex groups are bad. Some parts of the finger are parented to the null bones. Also, you have vertex groups in your hand for the leg. You should assign all the vertex groups manually.

The fact that you have so much going on in your scene is probably contributing to your lag. I really advise you to group all of your meshes by Layer (legs in one layer, arms in another, etc). I also really advise you to go through your armature’s bones in Edit Mode and set the null and IK bones to Unskinnable. Or, better yet, separate the armature into its parts and put them in the layer that their corresponding mesh is in. Go back and clean up your scene; I don’t know how you can manage the entire thing.

I suppose you could go by without doing anything that I said I thought you should do. But it’ll probably make your life a whole lot easier if you do. Good luck.


If I correctly understand your problem ( bad finger mesh deformation) You’ve same
vertices assigned to more than one bone ( I have checked)
Ckeck bone by bone ( yes it’s painful)


Let us begin with a question from the “newbie” side of the audience – How do you know this? How can parenting relationships be viewed? How do you parent a mesh to a bone? They are two different objects. Am I being stupid and need to review the documentation helped me build the model?

I have more questions but your vertex group comments are going to require time for me to review my model.

Thank you for your help in my never-ending project!