Joint Venture Possibility

Hey peoples

I just joint-ventured with a company and I think it would be worthwhile for anyone who’s looking to make a small investment turn into a huge return. (It’s not that small - ~$250USD - so it’s not for everyone).
This new business is not totally publicized yet, but they’re putting on a conference call every two hours for 24 hours tomorrow (May 13) (same content per call). It’s a business about selling gold - which will shortly explode in value once again, given the current economic state.

Anyway, check it out.
(After it explodes, it just might let you buy that new 8 core uber render workstation that you’ve always wanted with dual 30" screens) Fo me, I’ll probably get the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

even more off this topic
Can’t wait for 2.5 and more durian project progression - it will be a sweet project to pre-order. This is getting more into the stuff that I’m interested in (but still have soooo much to learn).


Either this is a multi-level marketing program where people get a cut from the people they sign up or a ponzi scheme…assuming there is really a difference.

There is no way that buying and saving gold lets you use the ‘powerful system of compounding and how it pays you to save’ because the key to ‘compounding’ is to collect interest from loaning money and reinvesting that earned interest.

Holding gold pays no dividends nor has a rate of return, the value is entirely dependent on the market price. While gold probably is a good bet these days considering the world’s central banks are pumping out new money like there is no tomorrow an exponential ‘return’ (enough to buy an ‘8-core’ from a $250 investment) is highly doubtful short of all the fiat monetary systems imploding and people returning to specie.

Not even mentioning that the coin that you sell is approx. $500/oz over market price which means that gold would basically have to increase 60% before one were to break even much less start ‘compounding’.

Though I do have little doubt that you will make enough from this predatory scheme to buy a Jeep.

We’re not doing any mlm in here. Bye.


There is a big difference in investing and gambling . . . you it appears is gambling.

My philosophy in investing is, and please note I use the term “investing”, if you don’t understand it, don’t get into it! I don’t understand what you are directing me towards, so you won’t be getting my 22 pounds and 53 pence I have saved from since the age of 12.

And if gold was going to increase in value, buy gold! There’s lots of jewelry shops out there selling, well gold!

lol I go to that link all i get is a bunch of audio streams, at least 2 playing at the same time…

If this is about investing in gold, well loads of people invest in the stuff ready to sale when it ‘booms’.

Gold value increases with shortages and lowers with supply economic state does not really effect value - supply does. You might be able to buy it a little bit cheaper at the moment, but i doubt that since people who use gold such as a jewller need gold, unfortunatly, people dont necessarily need the products made with gold.

Also, aluminimum used to be ‘rare’ and was really expensive, people bought loads of the stuff as an investment now the stuff is one of the cheapest metals because there is so much of it. They lost their investment compleatly.

I think you’ll find any investment in gold is only going to pay small interests in the quanitities a normal person could affford - plus the risk of theft and other forms of investment losses. People with a lot of money to spare can pocket on a small interest margin, also if this company is asking for money to invest in gold, and you both share a profit I can gurantee you 99% that they will be the only one pocketing.

They can sale the investment for what ever they like, profit on it, without contributing a penny… For them it’s fine because they are working in large quanities, you do not, however.

Also, where do they buy /sale thier gold to… from themselfs, to themselfs? lol Invest gold with your own money yourself, not someone else (im not sure that is the case i didnt read the site tbh)

Put it in a savings account where your pratically guranteed a return. I was looking into buy gold a year back, isnt worth it and unless you buy a discounted stock anything you would buy would have inflated prices anyway.

Lots of jewllers in the UK are buying people jewlery and melting it down instead… or recycling if you’d like - gold not worth investment… try platinum instead or somthing :stuck_out_tongue:

gold increases going into a recession, it exploded long ago. you would be buying at the highs now.

if you want to buy something now and wait for it to explode you would need to buy what is hit hard by the recession, such as construction supplies companies.

Sounds like the setup to a ponzi scheme. Either get out now or hope you are one of the first people investing out of many, and that you actually get something back.

Please don’t invest your money with scams like this, and please don’t encourage others to do so either. They all play off our inherent greed, the want to get something for nothing. Often you’ll get nothing for something.