Joker Animation (soundtrack from Batman: The Dark Knight)

Hi guys!
It’s been long days I didn’t try any animation, so I would prefer to focus on some facial animation practice. I just love the Joker in batman movie, so here we go:

Here’s the video link: (

This is just the first 1min finished in 1week. The rig is using Mancandy and I spend 2days to add the texture and create the room env. All the actions are keyed by hand in another 2 days, and the rest of the week are just leave the computer to do the rendering. Sorry for my old system, it cost me average 90seconds to render 1 frame, and they just looks quite low quality and ugly. XD just want to practice and speed up the time so plz understand.

Please share your C&C, then I could improve myself and finish the next 4mins.
Thanks for watching!

Hey congcong009! Very nice, all that animation keyed in 2 days is quite a lot. I’d suggest for your next bit of animation practice to pick just a sentence or two and do that over a longer period of time. Really polish it. Would be nice to finish the 5 minute chunk you are doing obviously, but doing a smaller amount with a high attention to details is probably going to help your practice more.

Hi Ben!

Nice to meet you! Thanks for your suggestion. I really do think like your suggestion to create a short and neat animation. So I picked this conversation while Joker and Batman only have talk action, which could make me focus only on face. I didn’t plan to finish it in short time, maybe two or three months I don’t know. I just want to release some draft review first and need tips from your guys. Then I could redo or make better improvement in the next few more shots. Now I just use the video to play the officer part, hope to create a CG character to replace him later:

I separate each shot as a blend file, but it looks like when there’re 40 or 50+ key frames in the scene. The interaction become very very slow for me to control more detail move. This didn’t happen in v2.49 but v2.5X. Is that some performance issue in v2.5X? Or I should really replace my old laptop XD

I keyed the mouth first, and then eyes, face, eyebrow etc. After finish all the actions on face, I then begin to move his neck and head shake. Do you think this is the right sequence to create the character animation? Here just a preview and hope to get some ideas from your guys on how to animate. Need some tips man :slight_smile:

Here’s the process for the Node post work.