Joker Head Sculpt Attempt 2

Hi guys it now officially marks a year of me using Blender. I have recently bought Zbrush and combined the two to come out with this so far. I still need to work on the hair but I think I am getting there. I attempted to sculpt the Joker around six months ago and I will post my attempt here as well. Let me know what you guys think !

Latest Attempt :

Attempt 6 months ago :

Latest Update :

Nice job. I love the texturing for the face. It makes look more like makeup than your previous one (Kinda looks like someone threw flour on him). Your skills have definitely improved. Are you using the Joker from Batman Arkham Origins as a reference cause it looks just like him. I think his bottom lip is a bit too fat and the crease on his chin is too deep/wide compared to the game but the rest looks great.

Like you said the hair needs work, maybe adding more hairs and making the tips of the hair thinner. I also recently made a Joker bust and the one thing I think I got right was the hair. I could post a pic of my Joker and the hair settings and shader if you’d like.

Thank you for the comment Dragonrlh ! Yeah I agree the lower lip is a little fat and that crease is definitely too wide. I used the Arkham Origins Joker as a reference as that is one of my favourite takes of the character. I would love to see a pic of your Joker and your hair settings for the hair would be awesome to see !

Mine was based off the latest story in the comics so he doesn’t look like the traditional joker but the only thing different about the hair would be the style.

The particle settings weren’t too complicated, just had to make sure I had enough hair so I set the emission to 8000 and children to 5. I used particle edit mode to cut/style his hair so there aren’t really 8000 strands. Make sure the size of the strands are small and that the tip is thinner than the root.

I used a tutorial from blender cookie to make the shader. The musgrave texture is used to add some variation in the color of the hair. The hair info node is used to make the roots a bit darker and then I combined them and used it to control the shade of green. I then mix the diffuse node with the hair bdsf nodes which control the spec/reflection and how soft the hair looks when the rim light hits it.


Thanks for posting this. I will look to give it a go and see what results I can get. I really like the Joker’s new look and really nice model man ! I will post an update when I have sorted the hair ! Again thank you for taking the time to post this ! I really appreciate it !