Jolly Green Giant


Here are the 2 models with rigs.
This was meant for Jolly Green Giant, but I couldn’t get it to him wit hout posting it like this.

I can only put 1 screenshot. >:(


Player for Jolly Green Giant.blend (251 KB)

Zombie for Jolly Green Giant.blend (297 KB)

Should I move this thread to the “Resources” section?

Hi Cam.dudes,

please add Screenshoots. So readers get interested in what is in the package ;).


Ah…it’s already in the resources forum?! :wink:

Sorry this was for me in my game but sharing is caring :wink:

Lol, I’ll add 'em

Here is one more pic and the terrain tip photo.


yey* thanks cam.Dudes, your a big help

I will post your level soon. I am almost done!