Jolteon (pokemon)

Finally made it to the end of this project! What started as an idea to make a bit of pokemon fanart for some character modeling practice somehow turned itself into a massive project that sucked away almost all of my free time for over a week. Definitely glad to give my projects a bit of a break after this. Long story short, I decided to render the Pokemon Jolteon (a favorite of mine from the original 151) and a cool little power plant to set him in.

The environment was rendered in LuxRender, Jolteon himself (except nose and eyes) was rendered in Cycles with the new hair patch. (the Lux shot had a stand-in to add shadows/reflections, and to render the nose and eyes). Hit the full size for 2560x1440, enjoy all the details I snuck in the background. (and the cycles fur, holy hell that patch is absolutely amazing).