Jon3D Character Creator

Hello Blender artists!

My name is Jon Kristensen and I’m the project leader of the 3D engine Jon3D. I’m now about to spend a couple of weeks on a project that I think would be nice for many game developers out there – a character creation tool. In other words, a program to create and customize characters for use in computer games.

The desired behaviour of the program is simple: To take a set of parameters (eye color, arm length, hair style, along with many others) and generate OpenGL geometries (vertex positions, normals, and texture coordinates), resources, bones, and shaders that can be used with Jon3D or easily exported to be used by any other 3D engine. The program will also provide a GUI for changing these parameters (much like how character creation works in many role-playing games).

The resulting program will be Free and Open Source Software, so any contributions transferred to this project will be made available under (at least) the GNU Lesser General Public License (which is the license Jon3D is licensed under).

The first version of the software, Jon3D Character Creator 0.1, will have a pretty simple character type compared to humans – I’m thinking an anime-like character. The 3D and GUI coding wont take much time and will be implemented with me. What I do need help with primarily are developing the models to be used.

What do you think about this idea? Would you be interested in helping out with the modelling for this project? What do you think about organizing a competition on this forum? Where else can I look for talented Blender developers?

Let me know what you think!

See you around!