Joog Reborn

As Joop.

Made in Blender using Subsurfs and imported into 3D Studio Max for rendering.

Looks very familiar to an image I made last year…


Good image, but why did you export it to 3dsmax? I’m sure you could have cooked up an equally impressive or even a better render with Blender’s new features. Come on now!


That easily looked like it could’ve been rendered in blender.

Okay. I do think it looks VERY close to something BgDM did last year. It is funny you decided to copyright the image.

yes I know what render you mean, I also recognize it…

except BgDM’s picture was more pretty and the name was cool.

Woaw, are you guys serious?

Can I see this image?

I’ll see if I can dig it up. I may have lost the actual render. But it was included in the Bleder Siggraph demo reel. It was also rendered in Yafray using HDRI.

If you do a google search for “Glass Birth”, which was the name of the image, ( -> 3rd Column/4rth row) you will still find a thumbnail image of it, but the large one is no longer on the web, as the original host,, is now toast.


Damn, sorry there man. I honestly didn’t mean to steal your idea, my apologies to you.

Oh, hey, no worries. I’m not trying to bash your model or anything like that. Don’t think I’m pissed or anything either. :slight_smile:


hhhmmmm well google seems to crash when i type in thingy birth so i cant see it :frowning: but the image up there is cool by turkish.

Why 3DS max why?

I have never been able to get good renders through Blender, my fault, I just… can’t.

I love Blender for designing though, it’s so… free and you can just flow.