Jörmungandr and Thor

In Norse Mythology the world ends in a final battle known as Ragnarök (“fate if gods”). Jörmungandr, the midgard (or world) serpent kills and is killed by Thor [the norse god of thunder and storm] during Ragnarök. Thor kills the serpent with his hammer Mjolnir and then dies of the serpents venom.

The image is created and rendered in blender, textures and post-pro in photoshop.
rendered at 1280 x 1024.

Wow. Great job, the serpent really looks huge.
No crits from me.

amazing:D very well done.

Awesome- I guess the lightning was added in post pro?

Flawless! Great job man…very hard to use many words because this render makes me both speechless and jealous!

[sings]Reise, reise! Seeman, reise! Jeder tut’s auf seiner weise.[/sings]

Nice scene, though I feel something is missing in the composition…
And I feel the Jörmungandr to be a bit bland.

I love norse mythology…good work Mattimus. It looks a little unnatural where the lightning is coming out of the clouds.

Very cool render. Only thing I’d do is make the rock a bit more obvious, like change the colour or something, as at first it was hard to make out what the man was doing.

Man is carving that stone, obviously…:D:D
Just kidding
Very nice render, Mattimus!

piece of art! …only thing i would say is that thor is barely recognisable…good work nonetheless

Nice. I especially like the serpent and the background. There is something about Thor, that bothers me. He doesn’t look like he really fits in the scene. But that’s just me.

But I have no other crits.

Your skill far surpasses mine. That being said, here I go saying how I would do it anyway. It is a very active scene and yet the background is calm. I agree that the rock needs more of a separation from that which is around it. And how bout Thor in a more powerful pose.

All that being said, good work. I hope to be where you are at someday.

I guess the lightning was added in post pro?

yup, the lightning was done in photoshop. heres a tutorial on how to do it if you’re interested http://www.photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/lightning/lightning.htm

Only thing I’d do is make the rock a bit more obvious, like change the colour or something

yeah, you have a good point. Although I don’t know how visible a wet rock in an ocean at night is. For the purpose of the image however more visibility might do it some good.

And how bout Thor in a more powerful pose.

I understand you’re point, I sort of went a little bit of a different way when making the image. Well, since Thor dies at the end of the battle [and the serpent does too] I didn’t want to show Thor as being the all powerful in comparision to the serpent. I wanted to put Thor into a pose as if he’s actually struggling.

thanks for the feedback everyone!

This one i soooo extremely good, no crits at all, its just so cool!!
yfkar: The serpent is in according the norse mythologi, very long, actually it reaches the hole earth around.

All my 5 stars are belong to you. Thor pops out from the otherwise dark image quite disturbingly though, but all in all great piece of work.

How do you pronounce “Jörmungandr”? Ragnarok like the game, it’s a nice picture, i liked the thunder, did you done this on Photoshop? or with blender itself?

great image only he looks a little dry considering he’s just slipped out of the sea. raise spec a little.

The drawing is really fine but… There seems to be a lot of wind in the scene, mainly when I see the cape of Thor ( the cape is wet and heavy, it must thus be a lot of wind to make it fly ) but the rain fails calmly almost at vertical.


The rain was made in photoshop, right? Cause you can make pretty great rain in blender, now.

Yeah, the rain was done in photoshop.

True dat. The rain is simply photoshopped over top, so it’s easy to change

yeah he is pretty dry, although making im wetter wasn’t as simple as just increasing the spec.

I’m not quite sure on the exact pronounciation. I know the “J” is pronounced like a “Y” and the final “R” isn’t really pronounced properly, the middle “R” having a wierd sort of roll too it.