Something I’ve been working on a bit lately.

My personal character. Started off life in Zbrush. I then retopologized, rigged, and rendered it in blender. I was originally trying to mimic the propotions of something you’d see in Zootopia, but I decided to add my own spin on it.

First block in.

Final Sculpt.


Trying to transfer the details of his clothes stumped me at first, but then I found the best method was baking out a displacement map.

It’d been a few years since I last used shapekey drivers, so it was a fun experience relearning them.

Sketchfab if you wanna check him out in 3D.

Thanks for reading!

(Animation isn’t my specialty)

Actually, a very nice model. I like it a lot. I like anthro characters. Actually I mostly model this kind of characters. I especially like the material you use. How did you make it? I would like to use it for my work, with maybe some modifications. Thoug it might really be simple and the lighting is what makes it look like that… so may I ask the lighting set up too?

Now, there are something I have to point out though. One, is that, the picture of him hanging looks gravity defying. The pose looks more like he is tip-toeing and leaning his torso sideways than really hanging from a bar. Another is that the bar appears to be speared at us and calls too much attention. Maybe shortening it and prevent it from going out the top of frame would work better.

And the animation loop. I’m not really an animator myself but clearly there is a problem and I think I see a big one. The swaying of the body is just wrong. In your animation, the body mimics the hand. What you should have done is that the body should sway in the opposite direction of the hand. You could see it as the body balancing itself. When the hand sway the away from the body, the center of gravity shift away from the center and towards where the hand sway. To compensate, the body leans in the opposite direction to shift the center of gravity back. Hence the body sways in opposite direction to the hand.

But, really, I’m not sure if I’m correct but maybe you could try it and see. Also, maybe you could try to make the tail move up and down instead of sideways. I think it might add that contrasting vertical movement in the in the mainly horizontal movement in the animation, which I hope would would make it more interesting.

The material is just a single glossy diffuse mix with a layer weight node.

As for the pose, I totally agree. I’ve been working on getting better at poses so I’ll be sure to take gravity into account the next time. As for the animation, I’m not an animator, and never will be. I just wanted to try my hand at making the little guy come alive.

Do yu have a download link for the character :P.

Well done!
Stunning topology

I loved the final result, this has a Nintendo feeling
Maybe you should try do Fox, from Starfox

Not at this moment. I’m planning on using him as a mascot so I doubt I’ll be sharing any time soon.