Joshua Godwin's - Sketchbook

Hey guys,
I’m really excited to see that there is a new sketch book section. Just like others have done I’ll post a couple of my older sculpts and renders first.

Her are some slightly older models.

And here is what I’m currently working on.

Sculpted, then retopologized, and then sculpted again.

Good stuff! I think I’ve read a couple of tutorials from you, so thanks for that! :smiley:

@VickyM72 Glad you like it.

Here is a quick sculpt I did today. I didn’t really take this too far as it wasn’t turning out very well.

Just a quick sculpt of a monster today.

Wonderful stuff. The sculpts you think aren’t turning out well are a heck of a lot better than what I can do in sculpt mode.
Love the bunny really cute.

@Anita Just give it some practice and you’ll be better than me in no time :slight_smile:

Here is a little update on my Monster. I made him for the sketchfab contest, check it out here:

I retopologized him, gave him a letterman jacket, and gave him a super simple texture. I think the biggest thing letting him down right now are his eyes, I need to get a texture on them.

He looks like he’d fit right in to Monster University. His eye does look like a button. What do you have in the way of graphics programs? There’s a good eye texture tutorial that uses photoshop. I’m not sure if it would work in gimp (I have the program but have yet to learn how to use it.)

I used this tutorials for an iris texture on the head I’m working on if I remember correctly I only used the first two steps the difference clouds and the pinch. There’s also this one which may be more of what you’re looking for for this guys eye.

Thanks Anita that’s what I was going for. as to graphic programs I do have photoshop. I just now tried that first tutorial you showed me, however, it didn’t quite look right on him so for now I think I’m gonna have to stick with the basic button eye.

I wish you much luck with your entry for that. I still think he’d fit in quite nicely there.

@Anita Thanks.

The deadline for the contest is over, but I decided to push him just a bit further, I think I will call this done.

and just for fun.

look at those drawing skills!

Don’t feel bad about your drawing skills. Mine are waaaay worse. He’s got a nice glow to him and looks like the life of the party as well.

Hey guys,
here is what I’m working on right now. I used Zbrush for sculpting and retopologized it in Blender then brought it back to Zbrush for texturing. Rendered in Cycles (its just a test for now)

I’m also thinking of rigging and animating it.

rig test.

A quick foot study with Dynamic Topology. I might take this further…

Here is a quick animation test.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

hand study, followed Jonathan Williamson’s tutorial on sculpting hands with dyntopo (part of the modeling a pilot series.)

Something I’ve been working on.

critiques would be appreciated.

I haven’t really posted anything here for a while, mostly because I’m using zbrush more and more, but I decided to post a couple screenshots of something I’ve been working on.