Joshua Moon's and his Extraordinary Squad (Series animation)

Current Progress Now-> All done in Eevee
Private Dragon 9

So recently, I just finished my service in the Korean Army. To be honest, looking back, although I am still in twenties, it was an crazy experience for me. There was many up and down, mostly bad stuff, but it had some shining moments from there to there.
My MOS was a signaler, you know one guy with a radio who runs around the field whole day? My experience was little bit different from that however. I spent most of my time setting up the mast and antennas and establishing connections between Reg. and Div. Which doesn’t work all that well despite all attempts. The frequency that we were using was always outside the “Golden frequency” (That’s what they call the public broadcast frequency) and whole bunch of mountains and skyscrapers on my country lol. Whenever I wasn’t setting up the antenna, there was night shift that I was supposed to check every connection… and that was fun…haha.
Anyways, there were always… this… doing nothing time in between, and I got to think of my own story. I’m not sure how it is on other country but at least here, soldiers weren’t allowed to use personal cellphones for obvious security reasons. So I started to write whatever that came to my mind.

Originally, I planned on gathering everything I wrote and making an anthology series. You know, things about important stuff. Things I felt, I loved and feel connected to. But I scrapped that idea as I began to realize it was too big for me to do it alone.

So now, I’m starting with something smaller, which was inspired by people like Olan Rogers, who made Final Space Final Space and animator Vivzipop who made Hazbin Hotel Hazbin Hotel I think it will be series of 10mins 7episodes animations, and it will be called “Joshua Moon’s and his Extraordinary Squad”. This still will be based on my experiences from the army, but a lot more fantasy and fictions thrown into it, but the narrative and the plot will be… well, I shouldn’t spoil too much.

This still will be one man job, I hope some other people will see this and eventually join me, but I am not expecting though. I mean, I’ve got nothing! haha.

I plan on uploading my daily work here. I would love any feedback or comments from you guys though. For a guy doing it alone, they really are a huge motivation, and helps me a lot.

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Makeing one of the main character :smiley:

  • Private First Class Aldric Chevalier

  • 4444th Infantry Division
    Signal Regiment
    Medical Corps
    1st Platoon
    1st Squad
    Immediate Respondent Team
    MOS: Medic

Despite his harsh appearance, he is a lovely and gentle man who hates inflicting harm to others. He is very protective of his team or anyone related. However…he can be…little too possessive…
When the war broke out between the Republic and the Empire, all carnivores despite their ages and health, were forced to join as they were largely discriminated and cursed upon. This meant little to no promotion compared to others, as he is still a Private First Class when others are already becoming Sergeants. Others- being herbivores and omnivores, herbivores being the most respected, joined the army when the carnivores are starting to deplete.

Rough Sketch. He carries a big ass shield behind his back and a pretty comprehensive first aid kit on front. Whenever his comrades are down, he is the first to rush in and rescue. No bullets and fire will stop him from doing so!

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Further progress on PFC. Chevalier

Close up

Added Eyelids and now retopologizing… I won’t go any further in details. I’ll just do little photoshop magic with normal maps once it’s done.

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I think he looks epic :smiley:

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Looking so dope man

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