Joshua's Dorm Room

I realized it does not finish it but I post it as well in W.I.P. I adjusted woman smiling from original one… the mustache man englared little more on mustache. I get both into together as 1920’s portait. I will change flower into white-grayish that look like black and white portait. I fixed woman’s nose and eyebrown. Now She is not swing moody anymore! lol… Happy marriage couple. So, I the fur coat looks unfinished because I was tried to get fur look softy-looking instead of spike looking. So what do you think?

This shows a lot of promise keep working on it. Some critiques for you I would suggest tweaking the mouth shapes a bit; the look a kind of flat. The lady’s lips especially need some tweaking.

I would suggest replacing the mesh hair with particle hair I think it would look better but if you want to go with mesh hair look at Andrew Hickinbottom, he does toon style mesh pretty well. I think the key to getting you mesh hair to look better would be to probably simplify it and so instead of doing the little sculpted strokes like in the lady’s hair just go with bigger forms

My last suggestion is to texture and shade the characters as if you were doing colour renders and perhaps do the colour to black and white conversion as a post processing effect.

Its looking good

@Tyrant Monkey, Thank you for giving me some of your crigiques to suggest me.

I would like to have particle hair instead of mesh hair. One problem is that my computer wont allow have alot of particle hair. The reason why I use mesh hair and try to put some sculpt on hair to look a realistic…I noticed woman hair has alot to work than man. I can check Andrew Hickinbotton’s toon style. Where can i find good site to look at Andrew’s work?

I can also try to tweak the mouth as well as lip to look not flat and able to have texture and shade the characters. Will post it asap.

thanks you for your feedback.

wow, I just looked at Andrew Hickinbotton’s toon style. his hair style looks alot simple and look great. Do you think I can ask him since he has done with zbrush,maya and 3D and photoshop. I only have Blender and Gimp. If i could ask him about that, It probably would help me to understand how mesh hair makes into simply.

Here is update.
I finally got woman’s mouth smoothly. I had some issue with hair but I dont have to worry about hair. As long as it is ok. I bring it to Gimp 2 to paint lip, feather coat, some on hair and feather circle background. Now i am working on bringing back image to Blender to create classic frame model for that image to insert it such soon. So what do you think of it?

here is update wip… it turns not look like classic frame but it looks like half classic and modern frame. Any suggestion is welcomed here…:yes: P.S. Next step is modeling grandson’s lightlamp and end table right next to his bed.

hi, here is update WIP. I just done with Frame of couple. I thought I would animate it shortly. So, I create more models. You can see here. The Reason I dont give A0 and shades in that room. Something really bother me on empty wall in dorm room. I want to add window that I can give realistic lights and shades spread around in room softly. I would like to animate ray light and soft sparkle lights in slow motion like as what one of blender artist did with “Rama” did. But, one problem was that I have not decided which wall I should insert window as you can see my rough draw of windows on either wall. I ask you what do you think which wall i should add window on either wall and why? The floor is really annoyed me because the wood floor supposed to be vertical or horizonal panels instead box-looking as you can see it. I struggle how to make it…I will figure it out. So any thoughts, your feedback always welcome here :slight_smile:


note: the Diploma has bump texture but on render does not show… I will fix it soon.

you can see my sketch of windows on walls. So, what do you think which wall i should to add window on it? :slight_smile:

hello here update: here what do you think?

not finish yet. i would like to give some ray particles that flow from window soon. It would give some feel warm around the room and look at these frame, card, and others on shelf give Joshua has a good memories and miss his grandparents… I glad with the floor result! Now, you can walk through warmly feeling in the room, hehe.

hi it is my last and I just post on critique forum,too. I am just disappoint and not really satisfy with my result. I have about 100 frames insteads of 400 frames to render. My computer was not allow as being farm render. I thought 100 frames for 3 sec to save my time on render and able to upload to youtube. So, I would able to edit into slow motion into 29 sec to publish it quickly. It turns not what I expected. here is what result looks like. So, Any suggestion to make good quality video when it slow motion in any video service that has quality slow motion to avoid being freeze or take so longer on Blender Render on my cpu. I called my laptop as being mini farm render, lol.