Jot NPR Renderer released

Hey, so, I don’t know if there’s been a topic about this already, BUT the Jot NPR renderer, fabled in song and story, has been released. Included is a blender exporter which, although deprecated, is apparently going to be updated soon.

Looks really cool!

They use a bunch of GNU applications, but no linux version or sourcecode?

Going to give it a go tonight on the home system, I love anything “toon”.

Then please do use the search feature.

The exporter does not work and is in really bad shape. Written in 2002.

I did a quick repair on some of the initial parts to get it up and running but when it came to exporting meshes, it fell apart again. This kind of work is better left to the developers of JOT I would recommend pulling down the Lux exporter or Mosaic and simply using those solid scene interegation routines and modifying the script to spit out JOT scene code.

the search feature didn’t turn up anything at all, I guessed this was because ‘jot’ was too short for the search engine. Anyway, a compiled download has never been available, so hey, take a shot at trying it–it looks pretty rad.

This was made available a long time ago, has been discussed may times and is no longer being developed.

curl -is -X HEAD  "" | grep "Last-Modified"    
Last-Modified: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 21:58:26 GMT

For anyone interested in doing the coding, the academic papers that JOT spawned could have all of their ideas applied to the Freestyle/Blender branch, which has been developing quite nicely.

N30N: Alas :frowning:

Dazzle: That would be amazing, but might be totally incompatible with freestyle, from the look of it. :confused: