Jotoon's Easter 2010

Heya Blenderartists!

Well, I’ve been trying to improve my blender skills by working on short animation projects. This started with a Christmas one, then a valentines, and now one for Easter. I knew that the Easter one was going to take a while, so I gave myself two months, and now it is finished.

Since it has taken so much time and effort, I’d really appreciate what you all think.

Thanks ^^

Great work, keep improving!

I’m always impressed by people able to finish project :slight_smile:
Not prefect but, that’s cool I like it,
Work fine,
Keep going, next time try to watch some lighting tutorial and rending stuff.

Now You’ll improve this one or begin another one?

I don’t want to improve, I’ll make those improvements when I do my next project.

I am really annoyed with a couple of little glitches that I ignored in the editing process, they could have been fixed in under a minute, but I was so desperate to get it done, I just exported it anyway.

The main purpose of this project was to learn how to do shots, because before all of my animations used one camera, which kinda, twirled around a bit, which can work sometimes, but others just doesn’t.

Keep improving! Best luck for future!

I don’t like the look/style, the modeling and texturing to much. But the cameraworks and animation are bad-ass. The way you directed it, is great. Good lighting and rigging job also.
I’m impressed.