Jouets Specifications- Need Team Project Name: Redeemed


Hello fellow blender artist! I have come up with an idea for a FPS game and i’m willing to ask you guys to help me with this project! First since i don’t really have any of this project done i will be telling you info about me and why i could use your help.

Info: Hey guys my name is Joshua Mallamo. I’ve been an indie game developer for around 2 years now. I started doing javascript coding at the age of 13. Then i found this blender program at 15, and was inspired to be a indie game developer from games like minecraft and amnesia the dark descent. My goal is to atleast create one video game before i die. After i was inspired i made a little bit of test games but never finished an actual game. In my free time i draw sketches for character ideas and i mess around with blenders capabilities. I also am looking for a job and want to go to college to learn computer programming. I recently decided to make my own game company name but if you guys want me to change it i will. But i called it Jouets Specifications jouets is french for “toys” and specifications is to meet the standards of something. When i say to meet the standards of toys i mean meeting the standards of games. I am currently home-schooled and i’m 16 years of age.

Game Info: I decided to call the game reedemed it is about a man who was once a part of the demon society but then left and now helps to redeem the lost souls. It will be a game kind of where when you shoot an enemy they turn good. I am familiar with most of the following: Sketching, terrain design, and some python codin, but here is what i really need for this game to come true:

Character/Enemies- NPC modeler/modelers- to make the enemies of the game and players.[B] I really cannot afford to pay anyone who helps but i will put you in the credits and once i get a job we can work out payment plans.

Animator- Someone to do the animations.

Coder- someone who is familiar with the codes able to function the game.

Sound effects- Whoever can make 8-bit music and sound effects.

What will i do: I will be able to write the storyline, help with terrain and bug fixes, do concept art, provide any assistance. Also when you sign up i will try and make us logo characters kind of like notch and his team did (minecraft)[/B]

I really would appreciate any help. Being an indie dev is one of my dreams.

If your interested i can be contacted from the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]!/joshuamallamo

I reply to any messages pretty quickly and i swear i’m dedicated.