Journal Cover Designs

Here are some cover designs I recently put together for a series of policy journals, done in Blender. I chose a clean, more NPR-style to illustrate the subject of the different policy pieces. There are six in all, which you can see here.

Below is the cover for Energy and Environment, showing the challenge of rising water levels brought about by global climate change and the progress of green technologies we can use to combat those changes.

And one for Healthcare, using hospital imagery to illustrate the idea that biotech research should be published more quickly, but is currently released in a slow drip.

Give me your thoughts.


Very beautiful; I love to see Blender used in a illustrative style like this.

nice … i use blender quite a bit in similar way … sometimes it’s faster than inkscape, especially for perspective, “3d” illustrations.

about the first picture, did you try how smoother wavy lines work with water? the rough triangular water somehow looks a bit off to my eye compared to the rest of the pic.


I really like it. And, from my point of view, the way water is stylized is very eye catching…

Lovely work.
Really enjoy seeing how you used blender for animation.

Thanks guys.

basse: I agree about using Blender for illustration or infographic-style visuals. I find it a lot faster than Inkscape or Illustrator and I can rapidly change camera angles, lighting, switch between ortho/perspective views and other things that are just more convenient or inaccessible in other vector-illustration software.

For the water - I wanted a simpler, geometric style and my reasoning there was that the harsher edges on the rougher waves plays into the idea of rising water levels as a threat.

great stuff, although the trees blend in with the background too much, and the shape clashes with the shape of the wind turbines. otherwise, awesome.

Cool renders, would love to feature these in
btw @ibworlds, please check your message.

Very nice! I like the style.

So art-deco. Yum yum.

These are great! Proves there’s a world beyond photo-realism. 5 stars from me.