Journal Threads

Seems i’ll have to finally take the plunge into Blender and use it as my primary animation tool.
Of course in these beginning stages and jumping straight into my own little projects there’ll be alot of questions that i’ll ask and i thought it would be better if i compiled it all into a thread.

Generally putting in all my crap into it, from tests, sketches and works in progress etc. and links to the more specific threads where it’s required.

Are you fine with this and where would such a thread belong?

Generally speaking, people around here like to see specific threads. Unless the work is super high quality, just throwing everything into a single journal will probably wind up being ignored after the first 20 posts or so. Check out the support forums, read the stickys, read the kind of things people are already posting.

Specific questions are best asked in a support forum devoted to the topic. There is a Work In Progress forum for individual projects. Traditional art forum for sketches and other 2D graphics.

I think trying to invent a “Journal Thread” would be just shooting yourself in the foot.