Journey - [Fan Art] - Jan 2020 - Personal

Tackling my first proper scene in Blender (2.83a) after too long of practicing and tinkering. Critiques welcome of course!

Fans of the art for this game I’m sure will recognize the background artwork. I don’t claim ownership of that piece. I was inspired by the colors to make the 3D elements / scene, and used that artwork as a HDRI of sorts, hoping those colors would still come through. The traveler character and rest were original.



Beautiful; I love this game. The pattern on the cloth is really crisp; is that an image texture or something else?

Just an image texture. Built the patterns in Illustrator and brought it into a 2048x2048 psd where I laid out the different bits for the trim on the cape, the edges of the scarf, etc onto one tex map.

not sure if links are okay, but if you google “Sand Rendering in Journey - Advances in Real-Time Render” you can find a very nice presentation how the sand was made (maybe for future projects).

Beside that great render. Is the background remade or an image?


The bg is a photoshopped bit of someone’s artwork – I’m honestly not sure if it’s someone else’s fan art or promotional but it’s all over google images – I 'shopped out the traveler character that was in that scene to just leave me the mountain/sky elements. I love those colors.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Wow thank you! I’ve not even thought to check comments on this–appreciate the love.


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