Journey to the Center of Earth --- the teaser trailer!

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

hello freeblenderheads

the trailer of “Journey to the Center of Earth” is available now!!!
here is my last post about the project by the way:
i worked like mad on the new site design and finished it now. the new site jumps into the net with the teaser trailer i showed at the blender conference [well… it didnt come out very god due some kind of sound mess :frowning: ]. now, the trailer is here for the full viewing pleasure on your screen :smiley:

click here to open the site:
or go there:

tell me what you think… pleeeeze :wink:


(valarking) #2

there needs to be a smiley for:

(ec2) #3

Great trailer.

My hat’s off to the work you’ve done. I love the detail of your vehicles and landscapes. The lighting is very nice too. I will be loking forward to more developments. Keep up the good work.

Are you using a freeware music composer/editor? I’ve ben wondering what’s out there.

(Friday13) #4

ec2: there are a lot of free music composers like Anvil Studio:

BTW @ndy, i havent seen the trailer yet, but i’ll obviously say "WOW!!! IT LOOKS GREAT!!! :wink:

(Ecks) #5

The only thing I have to say is: :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
This IS ONE OF THE BEST TRAILER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!. I really like it! I hope I will have enough time to work on my movie (The Exodus) so it will look like that!!!

(sten) #6

Woohoo… :o
btw , thanks and welcome all at same time… 8)

great to work with such great artist !!
great andy !!

(Dittohead) #7

:o :o :o :o :o


(Jolly Gnome) #8

Absolutely, Incredibly, Amazingly STUNNING! :o

There is one “but” though… some of the scenes look too much just like zooming in/out of static image. But then again, I recon you were just showing what was done, and were not after the ready, bug-budged film-trailer, eh :wink:

(Zweistein) #9

wow @ndy, really nice work. :wink: And that s from a German guy :wink: hrhrhr

Hast du echt toll gemacht, arbeite da auf jeden Fall weiter dran. Aber ich denke mehr als den Trailer hast du noch nicht oder? Ich würde gerne ein short-Movie sehen :wink:

p.s: blah blah blah! you’ve found a secret hidden text, yay! :wink:

(mthoenes) #10

Excellent work. It is inspiring to see things like this!!!


Vielen Dank

(paradox) #11

Great. good job, only problem is now I want to see the movie. So please hurry up. :slight_smile:

(S68) #12

Absolutely stunning :o

Can’t wait to see more


(Andy Goralczyk) #13

wow… you’re amazing, thanks for the comments :smiley:

yeah… some shots are images, i wanted to involve the vehicles we made for the original project… and i dont want to show too much [new vehicles!!! characters!!! creatures!!! hint hint hint :wink: ]
it will be a pleasure to finish the project, i wanna see it, too.
but there’s soo much work left!!!

/me gets some barrels or coffee
more comments?


(BgDM) #14


Absolutely stunning. Nothing else to say.


(sten) #15


I cant wait to see some more work of this stuff…faster faster :wink: !!

(Nayman) #16

i am curious about the lighting for the canyon shot? any hints

i htought i tr was great btw :stuck_out_tongue:

(NateTG) #17

:o :o … :o :o :o !!!..

when will the movie come out?

(bg3D) #18

This looks [beeeeep]in sweet!
Keep it up!
*runs to watch that again! 8)

(Andy Goralczyk) #19

Nayman: i’ve used 2 spots, yeeees TWO!!! one for the bright sunlight and the volumetrics and another one [blue] for global shadows… answered your question?

NateTG: well… in fact… we dunno yet, there’s still too much to do…


(kaktuswasse) #20

hey @ndy

that’s just amazing,great,cool whatever!!! It’s definately the best
blender-animation i’ve seen so far!!! JUST WOW!

cya henrik